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Potato Extract

Product name: Potato Extract
Botanical name: Solanum tuberosum
Specification: 10:1
Origin of raw materials: China
Allergen Information: Gluten Free
Special information: Gluten Free, GMO free, Kosher, Halal

Potato Extract:

Potato tubers contain a lot of starch, which can provide rich calories for the human body, and are rich in protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. In particular, its vitamin content is the most complete among all food crops.

Quick details:

Product Name Potato Extract
Appearance Brown Fine Powder
Part used Root
Specification 10:1
Shipping method DHL/FedEx/Air/Sea,etc
Free samples 5-20g
Special information Gluten Free, GMO free, Kosher, Halal
Shelf Life 2 years if sealed and store away from direct sun light.
Packing Pack in paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside. Net Weight: 25kg/drum.
Storage Store in a well-closed container away from moisture.


  • Potato is rich in B vitamins and high-quality cellulose, which can delay human aging.
  • Potatoextractcan reduce fat intake, so that excess fat is gradually metabolized by the body.
  • The crude fiber in potato can moisten intestines and defecate.
  • Potato is rich in potassium, which can effectively prevent hypertension.


On the finished supplements market, Potato extract can be purchased in tablet form, tincture, soft-gel, liquid, capsule and powdered form.

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