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Extrait de Quillaja/Extrait d'écorce de savon

Nom du produit : Extrait de Quillaja/Extrait d'écorce de savon

Nom botanique : Quillaja saponaria

Spécification : 10:1

Informations spéciales : Sans gluten, sans OGM, casher, halal

Quillaja Extract/Soapbark Extract:

Soapbark Extract, Quillaja saponaria, or Soapbark, is native to the warm temperate zone of central Chile. In Chile, it occurs approximately between 32 degrees and 40 degrees south latitude. Populations can be found even at an altitude of 2000 m (6500 ft). Quillaja saponaria can grow to a height of 15-20m (50-65 ft).

The inner bark of the honey locust tree can be crushed into powder, soapbark extract and used as a substitute for soap, because it forms foam with water. This is due to the presence of glucoside saponins, sometimes called saponins. Quillaja saponaria extract is also used as an agricultural spray adjuvant. Wood is used in cabinets, and the scent extracted from the tree is used in perfumes and cosmetics.

Détails rapides :

Product name Extrait de Quillaja/Extrait d'écorce de savon
Botanical name Quillaja saponaria
Partie utilisée Herb
Apparence Fine brown powder
Allergen Information Gluten Free
ISO9001 Status Certificated ISO9001
ISO22000 Status Certificated ISO22000
Durée de conservation 2 ans si le produit est scellé et stocké à l'abri de la lumière directe du soleil.
Emballage Emballage dans des tambours en papier et deux sacs en plastique à l'intérieur. Poids net : 25 kg/tambour.

Fonctions :

  • Quillaja extract has the function of moisturizing the intestines and laxative, which is conducive to the loss of water.
  • Soapbark extract has the effect of relaxing muscles.
  • Has antibacterial effects, such as inhibiting Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhi and Escherichia coli.
  • Increase platelets and fibrinogen, help stop bleeding.

Applications :

  • Soapbark extract is used as an ingredient in food additives and medicines, personal care products and fire extinguishing foams.
  • Quillaja extract is used as an additive for photographic film and a foaming agent for beverages.
  • Quillaja saponaria extract helps stimulate the production of more liquid mucus in the airways, thereby promoting the removal of phlegm through coughing.
  • Soapbark extract is also considered to have the adjuvant properties of vaccine solutions.

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