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Nom du produit : Phycocyanine

Nom botanique : Spirulina platensis

Spécification : E18

Origine des matières premières : Chine

Informations sur les allergènes : Sans gluten

Informations spéciales : Sans gluten, sans OGM, casher, halal


Phycocyanin is an intracellular protein, an extract from Spirulina, which is isolated by crushing Spirulina cells and precipitating them, and is known as phycocyanin because it appears blue after extraction. It is an all-natural, edible and harmless pigment, and is the only sky blue pigment allowed by the US FDA, and the US FDA and the EU do not limit its use, so it can be consumed without worry.

Détails rapides :

Product name Phycocyanine
Botanical name Spirulina platensis
Origine des matières premières Chine
Partie utilisée Herb
Specification: E18
Apparence Fine blue powder
Solubility Partially soluble in hydro-alcoholic solution
Durée de conservation  2 ans si le produit est scellé et stocké à l'abri de la lumière directe du soleil.
Emballage Emballage dans des tambours en papier et deux sacs en plastique à l'intérieur. Poids net : 25 kg/tambour.
Stockage Conserver dans un récipient bien fermé, à l'abri de l'humidité.

Fonctions :

Phycocyanin is rich in nutritional value.

  • It is beneficial to the human body because it has a complete amino acid composition and is rich in protein.
  • it can increase the activity of lymphocytes, improve the immunity of the body through the lymphatic system, and enhance the body’s ability to prevent and fight diseases.
  • can improve anemia, like meat that can be supplemented with iron, animal offal, which are rich in heme iron that can be directly absorbed by the body.
  • has an antioxidant effect, able to clean up a series of toxic free radicals such as superoxide and hydroperoxide groups, thus making it good for fighting oxidative stress, fatigue or insomnia, etc.

Applications :

On the finished supplements market, Tamarind Extract can be purchased in tablet form, tincture, soft-gel, liquid, capsule and powdered form.

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