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Extrait de lys

Nom du produit : Extrait de lys

Nom botanique : Lilium candidum

Spécification : 10:1

Origine des matières premières : Chine

Informations spéciales : Sans gluten, sans OGM, casher, halal

Lily Extract:

Lily is a kind of health food and commonly used traditional Chinese medicine, and it has ornamental value. Flowers contain aromatic oil, which can be used as spices; bulbs are rich in starch, which is a precious food and also used for medicinal purposes.

Détails rapides :

Produit Extrait de lys
Apparence Brown yellow powder
Partie utilisée Bulb
Spécifications 10:1
Origine des matières premières Chine
Special information Gluten Free, GMO free, Kosher, Halal
Durée de conservation  Two years, pay attention to sealing and avoid direct sunlight
Emballage Emballage dans des tambours en papier et deux sacs en plastique à l'intérieur. Poids net : 25 kg/tambour.
Stockage Conserver dans un récipient bien fermé, à l'abri de l'humidité.
Certificats Organic,Kosher, Halal,ISO9001,ISO22000

Fonctions :

  • Nourishing the lungs and relieving cough


Lily is sweet, cool and moisturizing, mainly enters the lungs and heart, can clear the lungs and moisten dryness and relieve cough. Lily extract has a sedative and antitussive effect.

  • Peace of mind


Lily can clear the mind and eliminate troubles, calm the mind and soothe the nerves.Lily extract is used for symptoms such as residual heat, trance, insomnia, dreaminess, and depression after a fever.


  • Beauty and beauty


Lily is white and delicate, and fresh products are rich in mucus and vitamins, which are beneficial to the metabolism of skin cells. Regular consumption of lily has a certain cosmetic effect. People with oily skin eat more lily is especially good for the skin.

Applications :

Lily Extract can be used for infant food, solid beverages, dairy products, instant food, puffed food, middle-aged and elderly food, baked food, snack food, cold food and cold drinks, etc.

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