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Extrait de Coix

Nom du produit : Extrait de Coix

Nom botanique : Coix lacryma-jobi

Spécification : 10:1

Origine des matières premières : Chine

Informations sur les allergènes : Sans gluten

Informations spéciales : Sans gluten, sans OGM, casher, halal, biologique

Coix Extract:

Coix seed is widely cultivated in China, Japan and Vietnam. It is a traditional grain resource for medicine and food, and is known as the “king of grasses in the world”. Coix seeds are rich in amino acids, coixin, coix esters, and triterpene compounds. Coix seeds contain protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, etc. Coix seed is born in the warm and humid ten-sided land and valleys and valleys, and is more common under 2000 meters above sea level. It is rich in nutritional value and has both pharmacological effects. It has the effects of anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-tumor, hypoglycemic and pain relief, and is deeply loved by consumers.

Détails rapides :

Apparence Fine light brown yellow powder
Origine des matières premières Chine
Partie utilisée Seeds
Spécifications 10:1
Special information Gluten Free, GMO free, Kosher, Halal, Organic
Durée de conservation  2 ans si le produit est scellé et stocké à l'abri de la lumière directe du soleil.
Emballage Emballage dans des tambours en papier et deux sacs en plastique à l'intérieur. Poids net : 25 kg/tambour.
Stockage Conserver dans un récipient bien fermé, à l'abri de l'humidité.

Fonctions :

It is recorded in ancient Chinese medical books that coix seed is an excellent cosmetic ingredient, which has the functions of curing warts and acne, lightening and whitening, moisturizing and removing wrinkles, etc., especially the proteolytic enzyme contained in it can soften skin horny. Vitamin E has an antioxidant effect.

  • Promote metabolism: Job’s tears can promote the metabolism of blood and water in the body, have diuretic, reduce edema, etc., and can help defecation, so it can help reduce weight.
  •  Whitening skin: Adlay is rich in protein, which can help eliminate spots and make skin fairer. If you drink it for a long time, it can also moisturize your skin!
  • Whitening and moisturizing, anti-freckle, preventing hair loss, face-lifting, and also has the effect of dieting. Can prevent cancer.


Applications :

On the finished supplements market, coix Extract can be purchased in tablet form, tincture, capsule and powdered form. coix Extract can be also used in the filed of cosmetics, skin care and so on.

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