eucommia extract

  • Product name: eucommia extract
  • Botanical name: Eucommia ulmoides
  • Part used: Leaf
  • Active ingredients: chlorogenic acid

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  • eucommia leaf
  • eucommia leaf tea
  • eucommia ulmoides
  • eucommia chlorogenic acid
  • 98%25 chlorogenic acid
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Product describtion
Eucommia trees can grow to about 15 m tall ,the leaves are deciduous, arranged alternately, simple ovate with an acuminate tip, 8–16 centimetres (3.1–6.3 in) long, and with a serrated margin. If a leaf is torn across, strands of latex exuded from the leaf veins solidify into rubber and hold the two parts of the leaf together. It flowers from March to May with the flowers being inconspicuous, small and greenish. 
Eucommia bark & Leaf are Chinese traditional medicine. Eucommia Leaf Extract chlorogenic acid is our hot product. Eucommia Leaf Extract has been widely used in medicine, health products, cosmetics, food additives.
1. Anti-tumor;
2. Anti-mutagenic effects;
3. To treat hypertension;
4. Antibacterial, antiviral and antispasmodic effects.
5. Anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-aging musculoskeletal;
6. In stock and free sample.
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