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产品名称: 石榴粉

植物学名:Punica granatum





Pomegranate powder:

Pomegranate is a kind of berry with rich nutrition. Vitamin C is 1 to 2 times higher than that of apples and pears. After the pomegranate matures, it can be used all over the body, the peel can be used as medicine, and the fruit can be eaten or pressed. Studies have found that pomegranate contains a lot of organic acids, sugars, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, and potassium.


外观 Fine uchsia powder
原材料产地 中国
使用的部件 Fruit
规格 Powder
测试方法 高效液相色谱法
活性成分 Anthocyanins, Glucose, Vitamin c, Ellagic acid, Gallic acid, Catechins, Epicatechins, Quercetin,
Special information Gluten Free, GMO free, Kosher, Halal
保质期  密封保存,避免阳光直射,可使用 2 年。
包装 纸桶包装,内有两个塑料袋。净重:25 千克/桶。
存储 存放在密封良好的容器中,避免受潮。


  • Helps digestion and absorption: Pomegranate is rich in punicic acid and other organic acids. Can promote digestion and absorption, increase appetite and other effects.
  • Repelling parasite: pomegranate peel contains pomegranate bark alkali. It has the effects of astringent intestines to relieve diarrhea, promote body fluid and quench thirst! And it can anesthetize the parasites in the human body. Play the role of deworming, killing insects and stopping dysentery,
  • Antibacterial: Pomegranate has antibacterial and antiviral effects, and it also has antibacterial effects on various skin fungi
  • Prevent cell canceration: Vitamin C and carotene in pomegranate have the effect of preventing cell canceration (antioxidant), and can prevent atherosclerosis.


On the finished supplements market,  Pomegranate podwer can be purchased in tablet form, tincture, soft-gel, liquid, capsule and used to make beverages and skin care products.


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