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产品名称: 小苍兰提取物

植物学名:Euphrasia officinalis




Eyebright Extract:

Eyelid is a plant with a wide range of use. It has beautiful flowers and good ornamental value. The medicinal value of Eyelid is also very high, and the whole plant can be used as medicine.Eyelid has high nutritional value, and it is also an excellent choice for feeding poultry. In addition, Eyelid can be planted in water and grow well. It can be used for ornamental purposes or for feeding fish.


外观 Brown yellow powder
原材料产地 中国
Special information Gluten Free, GMO free, Kosher, Halal
保质期  Two years, pay attention to sealing and avoid direct sunlight
包装 纸桶包装,内有两个塑料袋。净重:25 千克/桶。
存储 存放在密封良好的容器中,避免受潮。


The whole plant of Eyelid has medicinal value, bitter in taste, cool in nature, and has the effects of clearing away heat, eliminating irritability and diuresis. It can improve visual fatigue, improve eyesight, clear heat and detoxify, treat sore throat, pneumonia, cough and asthma, and aphthous ulcers. It has certain effects and effects on the human body, as follows:


  • Clearing away heat and detoxifying:Eyebright Extractcan be used to treat fever, thirst, headache, cough due to lung heat, sore throat, hot stranguria, frequent urination, urgency, uric acid and dysuria;


  • Remove eye bags: Dip a towel in millet grass tea and apply a warm towel to the eyes, which can relieve visual fatigue and improve the heavy and swollen eyes;


  • Diuretic: Eyebright Extractcan be used to treat dysuria.



Eyebright Extract could be used in medicine and health products, health nutrition products, infant food, solid beverages, dairy products, instant food, puffed food, condiments, middle-aged and elderly food, baked food, snack food, cold food and cold drinks, etc.


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