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产品名称: 金钗石斛提取物






Dendrobium Nobile Extract:

Dendrobium, one of the orchids, is mainly distributed in tropical and subtropical Asia, Australia and Pacific islands. Most of our country is distributed in Southwest, South China, Taiwan and other places. The main varieties of Dendrobium include Dendrobium nobile, Dendrobium densiflorum, Dendrobium Drumstick and so on. It can be used as a medicine, called Dendrobium, which has curative effects on the human body such as dispelling deficiency heat and enhancing the body’s immunity.


外观 Fine brown yellow powder
原材料产地 中国
使用的部件 Herb
规格 10:1
测试方法 高效液相色谱法
Free sample 5-20g
Special information Gluten Free, GMO free, Kosher, Halal
保质期  密封保存,避免阳光直射,可使用 2 年。
包装 纸桶包装,内有两个塑料袋。净重:25 千克/桶。
存储 存放在密封良好的容器中,避免受潮。


  •  Dendrobium Nobile Extract contains a lot of polysaccharides, which have obvious effects in enhancing immunity, anti-aging, anti-tumor, anti-fatigue, and lowering blood sugar.
  • The pharmacological effects of dendrobium nobile in dendrobium orchid are mainly on cardiovascular, gastrointestinal tract, antipyretic and pain relief.
  •  Dendrobium Nobile contains a lot of amino acids that are needed by the human body, which can enhance resistance and strengthen the body.
  • The phenanthrene compounds in dendrobium nobile have anti-cancer activity, can enhance the phagocytosis of phagocytes, and play a role in enhancing immunity.


  • On the finished supplements market, dendrobium nobile extract can be purchased in tablet form, tincture, soft-gel, liquid, capsule and powdered form.


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