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First Letter Product Name Botanical Name Active Ingredients
A Acacia Catechu Extract Acacia catechu
A Acai Berry Extract Euterpe oleracea
A Acai Berry Powder Euterpe oleracea
A Acanthopanax Trifoliatus Extract Acanthopanax trifoliatus
A Acerola Cherry Extract Malpighia glabra Vitamin C
A Achyranthes Extract Achyranthes aspera
A Acmella Oleracea Extract Acmella oleracea
A Acorus Calamus Extract Acorus calamus
A Actinidia Kiwi Extract Actinidia chinensis
A Actinidia Kiwi fruit Powder Actinidia chinensis
A Adenophora Extract Adenophora tetraphylla
A Adenosma Caeruleum Extract Adenosma caeruleum
A Adhatoda Vasica Extract Adhatoda vasica Nees
A Affine Cudweed Extract Gnaphalium affine
A African Mango Extract Irvingia gabonensis
A Agaricus Bisporus Extract agaricus bisporus
A Agaricus Blazei Extract Agaricus blazei Polysaccharides
A Agarikon Mushroom Extract Fomitopsis officinalis Polysaccharides
A Agave Leaf Extract Agave americana
A Agrimory Extract Agrimonia pilosa
A Agrocybe Aegerita Extract Agrocybe aegerita
A Aiye Leaf Extract Artemisia argyi
A Ajuga Turkestanica Extract Ajuga turkestanica
A Akebia Extract Akebia quinata
A Albizia Julibrissin Extract Albizia julibrissin
A Alfalfa Extract Medicago sativa
A Alhagi Pseudalhagi Extract Alhagi pseudalhagi
A Almond Extract Prunus amygdalus Amygdalin
A Aloe Extract Aloe vera, Aloe Barbadensis
A Aloe Ferox Extract Aloe vera, Aloe Barbadensis
A Aloe Gel Powder Aloe vera, Aloe Barbadensis
A Aloe Juice Powder Aloe vera, Aloe Barbadensis
A Althaea Extract Althaea officinalis
A Althaea Rosae Extract Althaea rosae
A Anacardium Occidentale Extract Anacardium occidentale
A Anacyclus Pyrethrum Extract Anacyclus pyrethrum Pyrethrin
A Andrographis Extract Andrographis paniculata Andrographolides
A Anethum Graveolens Extract Anethum graveolens
A Angelica Extract Angelica sinensis
A Anise Extract Pimpinella anisum
A Antrodia camphorata Extract Antrodia camphorata Polysaccharides
A Apocynum Venetum Extract Apocynum venetum
A Apple Extract Malus pumila Polyphenols
A Apple Fruit Powder Malus pumila
A Apple Powder Malus pumila
A Apricot Extract Prunus armeniaca
A Arbutus Berry Extract Arbutus unedo
A Arnica Extract Arnica montana
A Artemisia Annua Extract Artemisia annua Artemisinin
A Artemisia Scoparia extract Artemisia scoparia
A Artichoke Extract Cynara scolymus
A Ascophyllum Nodosum Extract Ascophyllum nodosum
A Ashwagandha Extract Withania somnifera Withanolides
A Asparagus Adscendens Extract Asparagus adscendens
A Asparagus Extract Asparagus racemosus
A Asperula Odorata Extract Asperula odorata
A Asphaltum Punjabinum Extract Asphaltum punjabinum
A Astaxanthin Powder Haematococcus pluvialis Astaxanthin
A Astragalus Extract  Astragalus membranaceus Polysaccharides,Astragaloside Ⅳ,Cycloastragenol
A Atractylodes Lancea Extract Atractylodes lancea
A Auricularia Auricula Extract Auricularia auricula Polysaccharides
A Avocado Powder Persea gratissima
B Bacopa Monniera Extract Bacopa monniera
B Bacopa Monnieri Extract Bacopa monnieri Bacopaside
B Bamboo Extract Phyllostachys pubescens
B Bamboo Leaf Extract Phyllostachys pubescens Flavones
B Ban Lan Gen Extract Isatis indigotica Fort.
B Banana Extract Musa paridisiaca
B Banana Fruit Powder Musa paridisiaca
B Baobab Extract Adansonia digitata
B Barberton Daisy Extract Gerbera jamesonii
B Barley Grass Juice Powder Hordeum vulgare
B Barley Grass Powder Hordeum vulgare
B Basil oil Ocimum sanctum
B Bauhinia Forficata Extract Bauhinia forficata
B Bayberry Bark Extract Myrica rubra
B Bayberry Extract Myrica rubra
B Bayberry Powder Myrica rubra
B Bearberry Extract Arctostaphylos uvaursi
B Bedstraw Extract Galium sp
B Beet Root Juice Powder Beta vulgaris Red Beet Juice Powder
B Bell Heather Extract Erica cinerea
B Belladonna Extract Atropa belladonna
B Berberis Extract Berberis aquifolium  
B Bergamot Extract  Citrus bergamia Polyphenols
B Bergamot oil Citrus bergamia
B Bilberry Extract Vaccinium myrtillus
B Bilberry Juice Powder Vaccinium myrtillus
B Bilberry Powder Vaccinium myrtillus
B Bilberry Juice Powder Vaccinium uliginosum
B Birch Bark Extract Betula alba
B Birch Leaf Extract Betula alba
B Bitter Melon Extract Momordica charantia
B Bitter Orange Extract Citrus aurantium Synephrine,Hesperitin,Diosmin
B Bitter Orange Extract Citrus aurantium
B Bitter Sophora Extract Sophora flavescens
B Black Bean Extract Glycine max.
B Black Bean Peel Extract Glycine max.
B Black Carrot Juice Powder Daucus carota
B Black Cohosh Extract Cimicifuga foetida
B Black Cumin Extract Nigella sativa
B Black Currant Extract Ribes nigrum Anthocyanidins
B Black Elderberry Extract Sambucus nigra
B Black Garlic Extract Allium sativum
B Black Maca Extract Lepidium meyenii
B Black Pepper Extract Piper nigrum Piperine
B Black pepper oil Piper nigrum
B Black Tea Extract Camellia sinensis Polyphenols, Theaflavins
B Black Tea Theaflavin Camellia sinensis
B Black Walnut Extract Juglans nigra
B Blackberry Lily Extract Belamcanda chinensis
B Bladderwrack Extract Fucus vesiculosus
B Blue Lotus Extract Nymphaea caerulea
B Blueberry Extract Vaccinium angustifolium
B Blueberry Fruit Powder Vaccinium angustifolium
B Blueberry Powder Vaccinium uliginosum
B Blueberry(CN) Extract Vaccinium uliginosum
B Blueberry(CN) Fruit Powder Vaccinium uliginosum
B Blueberry Juice Powder Vaccinium uliginosum
B Boswellia Extract Boswellia serrata Boswellic acids
B Boswellia Serrata Extract Boswellia serrata
B Broad Bean Extract Vicia faba
B Broccoli Powder Brassica oleracea
B Bromelain Ananas comosus
B Buckthorn Extract Rhamnus frangula
B Buckwheat Extract Fagopyrum esculentum
B Bupleurum Extract Bupleurum chinense
B Burdock Extract Arctium lappa 
B Butchers Broom Extract Ruscus aculeatus
B Butterbur Extract Petasites hybridus/P. japonicus
B Butterfly Pea Flower Powder Clitoria ternatia
B Butterfly Pea Flower Powder Clitoria ternatea Butterfly Pea Powder

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