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Produktbezeichnung: Codonopsis-Extrakt

Botanischer Name: Codonopsis pilosula

Spezifikation: 10:1

Herkunft der Rohmaterialien: China

Informationen zu Allergenen: Glutenfrei

Besondere Informationen: Glutenfrei, GMO-frei, Kosher, Halal

Codonopsis Extract:

Codonopsis is an oval or round-like thick slice. The surface is yellow-brown or gray-yellow, and the cut surface is yellow-white or yellow-brown, with cracks or chrysanthemum patterns, and a light yellow center in the center. The periphery is pale yellowish white and yellowish brown, with longitudinal wrinkles. It has a special aroma and slightly sweet taste. Raw Codonopsis tablets benefit vitality and vitality. It is often used for both qi and body injury or loss of qi and blood. Codonopsis pilosula is sweet in taste and flat in nature. There are nourishing qi, quenching thirst, invigorating the spleen and lungs, nourishing blood and promoting fluid.


Quick details:

Appearance Fine light brown powder
Origin of raw materials China
Part used Root
Specification: 10:1
Allergen Status Allergen free
Free samples 5-20g
Special information Gluten Free, GMO free, Kosher, Halal
Shelf Life  2 years if sealed and store away from direct sun light.
Packing Pack in paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside. Net Weight: 25kg/drum.
Storage Store in a well-closed container away from moisture.




  • Akind of traditional Chinese medicine and raw material of health care products.
  • Cure spleen and stomach weakness, qi and blood deficiency.
  • Treatment of poor appetite, qi deficiency, qi and jin deficiency, double deficiency of qi and blood as well as blood deficiency yellowing and other symptoms
  • Dangshen can be used to make soup and nourish qi and blood.


On the health care and food market, Codonopsis Extract can be used to make health products, medical treatment, food health.


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