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Epimedium Extract

Product name: Epimedium Extract
Botanical name: Epimedium brevicornum
Specification: 10:1, 10%-98%Icariin
Part Used: Herb

Epimedium Extract:

Epimedium is cultivated as an ornamental herb in Asia and the Mediterranean. The medicinal varieties include epimedium, epimedium brachyura, epimedium wushanense, epimedium, epimedium, etc. In Asia, its leaves have a long history of being used to treat fatigue and promote libido since the 16th century.Nowadays, epimedium extract is a traditional Chinese medicine, which is widely used as a dietary supplement in the West.

Epimedium Extract

Quick details:

Product name Epimedium Extract
Botanical name Epimedium brevicornum
Specification 10:1, 10%-98%Icariin
Part used Herb
Appearance Fine brown powder
Special information Gluten Free, GMO free, Kosher, Halal
Certificates Organic,Kosher, Halal,ISO9001,ISO22000
PAHs Total Benzo(a)pyrenes < 50 ppb, Benzo(a)pyrene < 10 ppb
Allergen Status Allergen free
Packing Pack in paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside. Net Weight: 25kg/drum.


  • Epimedium extract improves gonadal function, regulates endocrine, and stimulates sensory nerves;
  • Strengthen the immune system, promote blood vessel dilation, and have the effect of removing blood stasis;
  • Anti-aging, improve body metabolism and organ function;
  • Epimedium extract regulates the cardiovascular system and has a significant anti-hypotension effect;
  •  It has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects.


  • Epimedium extract is used in the food field, mainly used as a food additive, and can also be added to a variety of products;
  • Applied in the field of health care products, it has a good effect on cardiovascular diseases and cancer;

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