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White Atractrylodes Extract Powder


    White Atractrylodes belongs to a perennial herb. White Atractrylodes adapt to cool climate, with roots being a kind of medicine, having a number of medicinal function. They mainly distributed in the mountain area and wet land of Sichuan province, Yunnan province, Guizhou provice and so on. White Atractrylodes can fortify the spleen and replenish qi, get rid of dampness in the body, stop sweat and prevent miscarriage.

    After being made into White Atractrylodes extract powder, they have many functions which are good for human beings.The main chemical constituents of White Atractrylodes extract powder are volatile oil and polysaccharides. In addition, White Atractrylodes extract powder also contain glutamate and other amino acids and resins, Atractylodes glycerin, vitamin A and other substances.

    White Atractrylodes extract powder can promote urination. They can not only increase the excretion of water, but also promote the discharge of electrolytes, especially sodium, and the excretion of sodium is also better than the excretion of water. White Atractrylodes extract powder does not affect the posterior pituitary antidiuretic hormone action, thereby increasing the excretion of water Atractylodes may not primarily affect reabsorption of water initiative, but the renewal of electrolyte reabsorption in reducing both mercury excretion Sali like chlorine, effect of sodium; carbon dioxide have increased urine capacity, pH, and increased excretion of potassium, ammonium excretion vinegar reduction azole sulfa kind of features.

    White Atractrylodes extract powder also have effects on hypoglycemic, anti-clotting, the cardiovascular system, anti-tumor, gastrointestinal smooth muscle, anti-bacterial, promote blood, promote protein synthesis.