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Green coffee bean extract—weight loss


Weight loss is an everlasting topic to women all over the world. Women, who are fat or not fat, always want to be thinner. Besides sporting, they will buy many health foods even medicines to help them lose a little weight. So, I believe green coffee bean extract definitely is not a bit strange for them.
Green coffee bean extract, its Latin name is Coffea arabica L, is one of our company’s main products. It is yellow powder and can be water soluble. The main ingredient is chlorogenic acid, and regular specification is 50% chlorogenic acid. It is derived from Rubiaceae Coffea arabica, Coffea canephora and large fruit coffee seeds.
Many customers thought green coffee bean extract is very good for weight loss. But they do not know many other benefits of it. First, it can bring high blood pressure down. If you have high blood pressure, you might as well try some. Then, it can anti-tumor and anti-oxidation. What’s more, improving immunity is also a great point which can not be ignored.
As to application, green coffee bean extract powder can be used in drinks, which can make the drinks more delicious and functional. And, it can be used as food additives. What’s more, we also can make it to be health food, as a capsule or pill. If you really need weight loss, you could think about it.
Talking about weight loss, there are some other products also very helpful in addition to green coffee bean extract. Such as pu-erh tea extract 25%Polyphenols; Oolong Tea Extract 30% Polyphenols; Wakame extract Fucoxanthin 10%-50%; bitter melon extract10:1; lotus leaf extract 10:1; Cassia Nomame Extract 8% dimer flavone ; Citrus Aurantium Extract 30%Synephrine and so on.