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Watermelon, annual vine; stems and branches are thick and have obvious edges. The petiole is thick, the leaf is papery, the outline is triangular and ovate, and both sides have short bristles. Androgynous plant with large fruit, nearly spherical or oval, fleshy, juicy, smooth skin, various colors and patterns. The seeds are numerous, oval, black, red, smooth on both sides, usually slightly arched edges, flowering and fruiting in summer.


It is cultivated in many places in China, and there are many varieties, but its original species may come from Africa. It has been widely cultivated in the tropical to temperate regions of the world, and it has been introduced to China since the gold and yuanshi.

Watermelon is a summer fruit with sweet flesh and can cool down to heat; seeds contain oil and can be used as pastime food; the medicinal peel has the effect of clearing heat and diuresis.

1. A variety of beneficial chemical ingredients in watermelon have good moisturizing, sun protection and whitening effects on facial skin.

2. The diuretic effect of watermelon can reduce leg edema, but also reduce the content of bile pigment, make the stool smooth, and have a certain effect on the treatment of jaundice.

3. Watermelon is rich in potassium, which can quickly supplement potassium that is easily lost with sweat in summer to avoid muscle weakness and fatigue caused by it.

4. Pregnant women often eat some watermelon during pregnancy, not only has the effect of lowering blood pressure, but also can increase the secretion of milk.

5. Watermelon can also make the hair beautiful and dense. People with dry hair due to perm can eat more.