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 Valerian(Valeriana officinalis L.) is a tall herbaceous perennial, up to 100-150 cm; rhizomes stubby head was like, fibrous clusters; hollow stems with vertical edges, is coarse, especially for multi-section of the Ministry, when old and less hair. Production of vast areas of northeast to southwest. Health hillside meadow, forest, gutter, an altitude of 2,500 meters in Tibet can be distributed to 4000 meters. Europe and western Asia, is also widely distributed. Rhizome and roots for medicinal purposes, can carminative, antispasmodic, cure bruises, promote sleep and so on.
Valerian root extract powder sedation, can enhance the process of cortical inhibition, reduced reflex excitability, relieve muscle spasms.

Valerian root extract powder has antihypertensive effect, parasympathetic like its intended effect of this action, blocking strength BAROREFLEX and depress the central nervous system-related.

Valerian root extract powder (Valeriana officinalisL.) For Valerianaceae genus Valerian has sedative and hypnotic activity, in United States and Europe are widely used to treat mild to moderate insomnia. Its active ingredient sedative hypnotic focused on volatile oil, valerian vegetarian, flavonoids and amino acid-soluble ingredients. Characteristic components of volatile oil has bornyl acetate, valerian acid, valerian prime class ingredients are valerian triester, and acetyl-dihydro Valerian Valerian prime factors. There may be synergies between valerian and volatile oils prime class.