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Undaria Pinnatifida/Laminaria Japonica Extract Powder Fucoxanthin


In recent years, marine drugs is highly valued for its wide range of sources and little drug side effects. Fucoxanthin, is a natural carotene extracted from edible brown algae, such as undaria pinnatifida and laminaria japonica. It has great potential for new drug development.
Cell experiments andanimal experiments have demonstrated undaria pinnatifida/laminaria japonica extract powder fucoxanthin has good anti-tumor activity on a variety of tumors.It has anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant,losing weight and other pharmacological effects, which has broad development prospects. The present study showed fucoxanthin has significantly effect for inhibiting skin cancer, colon cancer, blood cancer, prostate cancer and liver cancer and other malignant tumors.

In addition to anti-cancer,undaria pinnatifida/laminaria japonica extract powder fucoxanthinis also a panacea for weight loss.
Hokkaido University researchers made experiments on mice, by regularly adding food additives containing fucoxanthin, found that the mouse body weight decreased by 5%-10%. A total of more than two hundred mice have been studied. In the experiment, the scientists found that undaria pinnatifida/laminaria japonica extract powder fucoxanthin have two ways to eliminate fat accumulation. undaria pinnatifida/laminaria japonica extract powder fucoxanthin can activate a protein called UCP1, this protein can promote lipolysis. It also stimulates the liver generated DHL lowering cholesterol . Scientists have also confirmed that the use of concentrated undaria pinnatifida/laminaria japonica extract powder fucoxanthinas animal food additive does not cause addiction or any other side effects.