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As people are increasingly concerned about their own health and has deeper understanding of environmental sustainability, improving animal breeding environment and animal performance is extremely important. In the past years, most people are using many methods to solve the problem of environmental pollution of livestock, including ventilation, reducing animal population density, using anti-microbial agents and others, but those can not effectively solve practical problems, and also cause secondary pollution. Nowadays, more and more people are pay more attention to a new feed additive—yucca extract powder with good economic, social and ecological benefits.
The active ingredients in yucca extract powder are sarsapogein, smilagenin, hecogenin, saponin-free and glyco-compents which plays an important role in livestock breeding.
In 1982, American researchers find that the active ingredients in yucca extract powder can limit the generation of ammonia in feces, increase the rate ofdecomposition of organic matter, thereby reducing the concentration of ammonia in the air in the livestock barn. Its effect of deodorization is remarkable in terms of improving the breeding environment.
Yucca extract powder also can stabilize intestinal PH and promotes protein digestion and absorption, thus providing an intestinal environment for animal growth. In addition, the saponin in it can increase the permeability of the bacterial cell wall, benefit for fast absorbing and utilizing nutrients.
In China, the research on the yucca extract powder just started, as people used food additives to increase the flavor and as a ruminant animal feed additives to promote digestion. It has been recognized by the State. In foreign countries, yucca extract powder as a deodorant has been widely used in animal production over 40 countries. The United States and UK have entered commercial production to use yucca extract powder mainly as a feed additive. In addition, it may also be used in the production of other products, such as carbonated beverages’ blowing agent and food flavor enhancer which is approved for a supplementary food by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).