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Does eating dragon fruit really make your skin better?


Anthocyanins are very effective antioxidants, which are high in many fruits, and what we want to know today is the latest and hot king of anthocyanins, Red Heart Pitaya extract. The red dragon fruit is native to tropical regions. It is a long-lived fruit with a sweet taste and edible. It contains a large amount of anthocyanins, which can not only prevent oxidation, effective skin care, but also promote sleep, prevent cancer and fight cancer.

Pitaya extract mainly has several specifications, white heart pitaya powder, red heart pitaya powder, freeze-dried red heart pitaya powder, and pitaya anthocyanins. The spot product anthocyanin reached 10%, which is a relatively high content product.

Red pitaya not only contains a lot of anthocyanins, but also the slightly viscous plant protein of ordinary fruits, which can quickly wrap the heavy metals in the human body and excrete them from the body. So the red dragon fruit itself is a very popular fruit

The content of anthocyanin in the flesh of red pitaya is 14.3mg/100g, so extracting 10% of anthocyanin requires a lot of red pitaya raw materials.

The role of anthocyanins is well known. First of all, it is a very good antioxidant for the human body, and has a strong preventive and alleviating effect on human aging; secondly, anthocyanins also have a strong effect on enhancing eyesight, because it can promote Regeneration of rhodopsin in the retina is very beneficial to children; thirdly, it can repair the skin and make the skin smooth and elastic; in addition, anthocyanins can also promote sleep and protect the brain from harmful substances and toxins; finally In addition to anti-radiation, anthocyanins can also prevent cancer and fight cancer, and can effectively scavenge free radicals.

In summary, anthocyanins are very important in our lives, and dragon fruit not only meets the needs of daily life in terms of appearance and taste, when red dragon fruit and anthocyanins collide, what magic will there be? The effect, come and try our red dragon fruit extract