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The Health Protector - Neem Bark Extract Powder


Neem is recognized and revered by the Indian people and considered a sacred tree, for its evergreen foliage, the strength of its wood and its prophylactic and therapeutic benefits. Neem bark extract has fungicidal properties, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitais, anti-viral and anti-septic and neem bark extract also has good effects on eliminating the parasite intestines.

Neem bark extract helps people to maintain good circulation, digestion, respiration and supports the urinary system. It has effect on warts, dandruff and certain fungi that cause infections in the human body and can be effective against "athlete's foot", ringworm and candida. Neem bark extract powder is also very effective against skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis and eczema.

Neem bark extract helps to lower blood pressure and lower the level of blood sugar. A gram of neem bark extract powder per day can help people with diabetes.

In India and Bangladesh, Neem bark is a common and popular remedy for lice and worms. The Neem bark is also a natural insecticide and is used as insect repellent.

Neem bark extract is also used in dental treatment. Neem bark powder is used for brushing teeth and massage the gums and shown to be very effective in preventing and curing inflammation of the gums and periodontal diseases.

Neem bark extract can be used to treat fever and malaria and also acts as anti-inflammatory and to relieve pain.