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 The mango fruit is a very nutritious fruit for people. Every 100g mango fruit contains vitamin C 56.4-137.5 mg, some up to 189 mg; 14 to 16 percent sugar content; the seeds contain protein 5.6 %; fat 16.1%; 69.3% carbohydrate. Eating mango fruit or drinking mango fruit powder are good for the stomach, thirst and has the diuretic function. Ripe mango can be used in medicine and diuretics slow detergents, pesticides and seeds can be as astringent. 

Mango Fruit powder has many functions.They can stop vomiting and relieve fainting. There is a high content of carotene in Mango Fruit. Good for eyesight and moisturizing the skin, the mango fruit powder is a favorite one for ladies.Mango Fruit also contains Mangiferin which have effect on anti-lipid peroxidation and protective role of neurons. The cells can delay aging and improve brain function.

The content of Vitamin C in mango fruit is higher than the other ones. They can lower cholesterol and triglycerides. Drinking mango fruit powder can continue to add vitamin C consumption, and something to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Mango fruit powder can be used as beverage, food additives, flavor agents and dietary supplement.


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