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Tea Saponin


Tea Saponin is extracted from seed of Camelia Oleifera, which is fine light yellow powder.

Tea saponin is a good performance of natural surfactant, which can be widely used in light industry, chemicals, pesticides, feed, breed, textile, oil, mining, building materials and highway construction.

Tea saponin has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-infiltration and other pharmacological effects.Tea saponin is not only a good surface active agents, there is a strong antibacterial activity, especially for pathogenic skin has a good resistance to action.

Tea saponin having Huatanzhike effect, which can treat senile bronchitis and various types of edema, it has obvious effect of treating senile chronic bronchitis.

Tea saponin as a pesticide wetting agent may improve the wetting properties and WP suspension rate (≥75%). As a natural non-ionic surfactant, it can be added itn the pesticide, which can significantly improve physical and chemical properties of liquid pesticides and give full play to the efficacy of pesticides.