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Sugar cane wax extract


Sugar cane wax extract is extracted from wax of sugar cane, the regular specification is 90%Policosanol/10%octacosanol and 90%octacosanol.

Octacosanol is a long-chain fatty alcohol that is similar to cholesterol in structure. This compound is found in the waxy film that covers the leaves and fruits of plants. The main ingredient in policosanol is octacosanol. Policosanol is a mixture of primary long-chain aliphatic(non-ring) alcohols.

Sugar cane wax extract policosanols have been studied for their effects on stabilizing cholesterol levels, as well as improving energy production.
It also has the function of swelling the resistance, energy, physical strength and improving the delicacy of the reaction.
What’s more, sugar cane wax extract could improve the capability of responding to stimuli and. promoting the function of sex hormone.