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Something You Have to Know about Papaya Papain Enzyme Powder


Papain Enzyme powder breaks down tough meat fibres, and has been used for thousands of years to tenderise meat eaten in its native South America. Meat tenderisers in powder form with papain as an active component are widely sold.

Papain powder can be used to dissociate cells in the first step of cell culture preparations. A ten-minute treatment of small tissue pieces (less than 1 mm cubed) will allow papain powder to begin cleaving the extracellular matrix molecules holding the cells together. After ten minutes, the tissue should be treated with a protease inhibitor solution to stop the protease action. Left untreated, papain powder activity will lead to complete lysis of the cells. The tissue must then be triturated (passed quickly up and down through a Pasteur pipette) to break up the pieces of tissue into a single cell suspension.

Papaya Papain Enzyme Extract powder is also used as an ingredient in various enzymatic debriding preparations, notably Accuzyme. These are used in the care of some chronic wounds to clean up dead tissue.

Papain Enzyme powder is added to some toothpastes and mint sweets as a tooth whitener. Its whitening effect is, however, minimal because the papain powder is present in low concentrations and is quickly diluted by saliva. It would take several months of use, to have a noticeable effect.

Papain powder is the main ingredient of Papacarie, a gel used for chemomechanical dental caries removal. It does not require drilling and does not interfere in the bond strength of restorative materials to dentin.

Papain powder has been known to interfere with urine drug tests for cannabinoids. It is found in some drug detox products.