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Valerian Extract Powder, Sleeping Sweet


 According to ancient records, Valerian, whose Latin name is Valeriana officinalis Linn can be used to cure insomnia.Under the theory of Chinese medicine, Valerian root and rhizome belong to one of drugs which has a sedative effect . The medical quality of Valerian is acrid, sweet and benign which is of benefit to heart and liver.
 Valerian Extrac Powdert is used to make into capsules or pills by many drug suppliers. The main ingredient in Valerian Extract Powder is Valerianic acid. And our general specification is 10:1 and 0.8% Valerianic acid. The part used is Valerian Root. When you purchase the Valerian Extract Powder, our company can pack as the customer like,such as 1kg/bag or 25kg/drum etc., the
MOQ is 1kg and we can also provide 5-20g free sample for our customers’ tests. At the same time, we can also provide specification sheet, which includes mesh size,heavy metal test and so on.Our Valerian Extract is GMO Free and have the certificate of Kosher, COA, Allergen Statement and so on.
 In America,Valerian Extract can be sold as a kind of dietary supplement especially after "Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act" (DSHEA) passed in1994.