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 Saw palmetto extract powder is an extract of the fruit of Serenoa repens, which is rich in fatty acids and phytosterols. It has been used in traditional, eclectic, and alternative medicine to treat a variety of conditions, most famous for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).
The saw palmetto grows in the tropics of North and South Americas, which is no domestic distribution and introduction. Therefore, we have to import the raw material--saw palmetto, and then produce it to the extract powder.
Latin name : Serenoa repens
Active Ingredients: fatty acids
Specification: 25%-45% fatty acids
Color: white powder
Test method:GC
Part Used of Plant: Fruit
Saw palmetto extract powder is usually used in health foods.
1. Crude saw palmetto extract powder has been used by European and American medical practitioners for at least 200 years for various conditions, including asthenia (weakness), recovery from major illness, and urogenital problems.
2. It an be used to treat a variety of urinary and reproductive system problems
3. Saw palmetto extract powder is the most famous for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia, a common condition in older men. There are a research indicated that the extract is well-tolerated and suggested "mild to moderate improvement in urinary symptoms and flow measures."
4. King's American Dispensatory 1898 says that “It has proved useful in irritative cough, chronic bronchial coughs, whooping-cough, laryngitis, acute and chronic, acute catarrh, asthma, tubercular laryngitis, and in the cough of phthisis pulmonalis.’
Precautions and contraindications
Everything has two different sides, so dose saw palmetto extract powder. The following are some precautions and contraindications we should pay attention to.
1, Saw palmetto extract powder should not be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding
2, Use of saw palmetto extract powder should be stopped at least two weeks before a scheduled surgery, since it can significantly slow down blood clotting, leading to increased bleeding time before and after surgery.