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Natural Killer to Pests-Pyrethrum Extract Powder


People, especially farmers and peasants hate pests in their fields.Because pests eat their plants and crops, do some damage to people and carry many kinds of diseases, which cause a lot of loss for farmers and peasants.
Farmers and peasants have come up of many ways to eradicate the pests. Some may let the natural predators of the pests to catch them and eat them, others may spring some chemical pesticide to eliminate them. Chemical pesticide is harmful to people and animals. Meanwhile, most of plants would have pesticide residue which will damage people’s health and cause many cancers. After realizing that, people are pursuing green pesticide without residuum and environmental pollution as long as people wash the vegetables and fruit thoroughly.
Pyrethrum Extract Powder of our company is a kind of a product our customers often purchase to apply in the field of agriculture.
Why Pyrethrum Extract Powder can kill pests? As matter of fact, the main ingredient of Pyrethrum contains pyrethrum. The flowers of pyrethrumin contain 0.6-1.3% of the pyrethrum daisy gray pigment, also known as pyrethrins. When pests contact, the Pyrethrum Extract Powder will be in the condition of poisoning, nerve paralysis and death .
Our Pyrethrum Extract Powder is 100% pure natural and without any pollution.The main ingredient of our Pyrethrum Extract Powder is pyrethrins. Pyrethrum Extract Powder will be a kind of poison and benumb the centipedes, fish, frogs, snakes and so on, but it is no harm to human beings and domestic animals or brutes.
Please note one point, if you are allergic to Pyrethrum Extract Powder,remember to wear masks and gloves in case that you will feel sick and want to vomit.The most important, keep the babies away from Pyrethrum Extract Powder.
Except all I mentioned above, Pyrethrum Extract Powder can be also used in the medicinal field, they has a good effect on the treatment of scabies.
If you are in the trouble of pests, you are welcomed to learn our Pyrethrum Extract Powder and purchase some according to your needs.