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Pyrethrum Extract 20%-70% Pyrethrin powder &liquid


Main Function:
1.Pyrethrum extract is used in gain storage and the aerosol and dust can prevent every kind of grain bristletail.
2.Pyrethrum extract also can be made into animal shampoos which can prevent the helminthes on the animal.
3.Pyrethrum extract has capability of execution to vary kind of pests and extensive use in agriculture producing, grain storage and daily life.
4.Pyrethrum extract is used in daily life, and the aerosol and mosquito-repel-lent incense can kill the mosquito, fly, termite, black beetle, spider, bedbug.
5.The spraying of pyrethrum extract to farmland can prevent aphid, snout moth`s larva, stinking, caterpillar, coccid, cabbage caterpillar, bollworm, dark tail leafhopper.
2. Application:
insecticide, pesticide edicine ,health products,cosmetic industries,agriculture.
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