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Pure Natural Sexual Enhancement Damiana Leaf Extract Powder


Damiana Leaf is one of the most popular herb around the world and has been much applied to improve the sexual ability.

The active ingredients extracted from damiana leaf can stimulate male hormones and improve sexual performance. Therefore, people in Central America regarded Damiana leaves as men and women for the aphrodisiac, after taking to maintain healthy sexual function. Its aphrodisiac effect may be attributed to its moderate stimulation of the central nervous system and hormonal system, enhance the body's sensitivity and energy. Some herbal experts believe that Damiana leaf extract can be a slight stimulation of the male urethra, so that the penis is more sensitive, and more responsive to sexual stimulation. In civil society is used to treat sexual incompetence.

Damiana Extract is known to stimulate male hormones, improve sexual performance, natural, and harmless. The chemical composition of Damiana extract is quite complex, and some components are not fully identified.

Damiana extract began to be used in the United States in 1974, it was used to improve sexual function, regulate the nervous system, and promote the secretion of hormones. Damiana Extract has an anti-sedation effect, an excellent therapeutic effect in the treatment of anxiety and / or depression, and can help treat constipation, eliminate anxiety, make a happy mood, treat women through the syndrome and symptoms of menopause, often used to be ads Female health products raw materials.