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Pure Natural Organic Cinchona bark extract powder


Quinine Bark is bitter, astringent, thermogenic, febrifugre, oxytoxic and anodyne, digestive, antipyretic, cardiotonic, anti-inflammatory and tonic. Cinchona Officinalis is useful in malerial and intermittent fevers, lumbago, bacterial infections, helminthiasis, dyspepsia, chronic dysentery, skin diseases, cough, bronchitis and cardiac debility. The powdered peruvian bark (quinine bark) is often used in tooth-powders, owing to its astringency. Cinchona officinalis in decoction is a useful gargle and a good throat astringent.

Cinchona bark extract powder comes from dried bark of Cinchona officinal, it is GMO free, Kosher, natural and safety, general specification is 10:1, Cinchona bark extract powder has been widely used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical products.

Manufacturing Process:
Raw Material→Cut into species→Extracting→Cooling and Filtering→Concentrating→Spray Dry Into Powder→Sifting→Packing→Extract Powder.

Functions of Cinchona Bark Extract Powder:
1, Treatment of malaria,have a function of anesthetic and analgesic and antipyretic function
2, Enhancing uterine contractions, used to abortion
3, Treatment of sore ulcer , dermatitis, psoriasis
4, A strong stomach medicine