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Pure Natural Morchella Esculenta Extract Powder


Morchella esculenta, the Morel, fruits from March to June and is a very popular edible fungus, although not common in Britain and Ireland. The flesh is rarely ruined by insects or other small creatures, but stems can be pierced by bugs that find the cavity within the cap and stem a handy hideout. Before cooking Morels, slice vertically through each fruitbody to check for occupants. Mainly found in chalky woodlands, Morchella esculenta occasionally appears also on disturbed soil in gardens.

Functions of Morchella Esculenta Extract Powder:

1. The morchella polysaccharide containing inhibiting tumor, antibacterial, antiviral, the active ingredient, can strengthen the body immunity, anti-fatigue, antivirus, inhibiting tumor, and many other functions.

2. Japanese scientists found morchella extract contained tyrosinase inhibitor, can effectively inhibit fat brown qualitative form.

3. The morchella contains abundant selenium is the human body composition of erythrocyte glutathione peroxidase, can transport a large number of oxygen molecules to inhibit malignant tumor, cancer cell deactivation; Another aspect can strengthen the antioxidant effect of vitamin E. The antioxidant effect of selenium can change the generation of carcinogens direction, and by combining and detoxification, and thus to minimize or eliminate the risk of cancer.