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Pure Natural Green Coffee Bean Extract Powder



Green Coffee Bean Extract is a substance that is derived from unroasted green coffee beans. The extract contains numerous polyphenolic compounds such as chlorogenic acid. These compounds have been discovered to possess powerful antioxidant properties. Unroasted green coffee beans are a much better source of antioxidants than roasted coffee beans.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Chlorogenic acid acts as a slimming and health promoting substance. Chlorogenic acid was shown to have an antagonistic effect on glucose transport and also has been found to significantly delay glucose uptake from the small intestine. Studies have found chlorogenic acid reduces the risk of type II diabetes, lowers blood pressure and combats inflammation. Green coffee bean extract is also great for sports formulations because it can work to stimulate the production of cortisone and adrenalin in the body resulting in increased stamina.

Functions of Green Coffee Bean Extract Powder:
1. Reducing blood press with non-toxic and no side effects;
2. With the function of anti-cancer and anti-tumor;
3. With the effect of exciting pituitary - adrenal system and enhanceing the function of the adrenal cortex;
4. Promoting metabolism and prevent aging.
5. Weight loss.