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Pure Natural Dictyophora Indusiata Extract Powder


Bamboo-sun (Dictyophora indusiata) also known as bamboo sheng, bamboo, there are three common and edible: dress bamboo-sun, short skirt bamboo-sun and red bamboo-sun, is a kind of implicit parasitic in the withered bamboo root department of fungi, to shape mesh a dry white snake skin, it has a dark green bonnet, snowy cylindrical stipe, pink egg cup, at the top of the stalk a careful around white mesh skirt spread down from pileus, known as "snow skirt fairy", "flower of the duck,", "flower of the fungus", the "queen" of bacteria. Bamboo-sun nutrition is rich, full-bodied fragrance, delicious taste, is listed as one of the "eight Jane" grass in ancient times.

Functions of Dictyophora Indusiata Extract Powder:
1. Multifunctional food additives;
2. Medicines intermediates;
3. Health products & dietary supplements;
4. Green feed additive;
5. Beer special additives;
6. Skin care effects.