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Pure Natural Cordyceps Extract Powder


In China, Cordyceps sinensis is referred to as "winter worm, summer grass." This fungus is found at high altitude in the mountains of China, Nepal, and Tibet. Cordyceps sinensis has been a well known herb in Asia. Today it is recognized as a wonderful Chinese herb that helps promote bronchial health and general well being.

Cordyceps Extract Powder is an excellent strengthening tonic for convalescing patients, and patients with loss of appetite, weak blood, weakened resistance of respiratory tract and susceptibility to colds or flu can take this product orally to strengthen resistance. The effective rates are very high in the treatment of malignant cancers, bronchitis, heart diseases, nasitis, tinnitus, leukemia, lung diseases, cirrhosis, B hepatitis, and diabetes.

Functions of Cordyceps Extract Powder:
1. Cordyceps Extract Powder can be used to cure the chronic disease of respiration system, tumour, kidney, sex ability and heart and blood vessel etc.
2. Cordyceps Extract Powder can Helps restore normal functioning of various parts of the body, it helps stimulate the immune system, benefits circulatory system and promotes energy, vitality and longevity.
3.Cordyceps Extract Powder has anti-aging power and anti-oxidant.