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Polygala tenuifolia Extract


The main value:

① The function of phlegm

Polygala contain plant saponins, can stimulate the gastric mucosa, causing mild nausea, thus reflecting increased bronchial secretion and expectorative effect. Oral administration of extracts to dogs can promote the secretion  of trachea, the strength of the action is: meigengzhi > platycodonis > polygonum, such as phenolic red excretion rule is: meigengzhi > polygonis > platycodonis. But anesthetic dogs oral polygala decoction 1 g/kg, does not increase the airway mucus secretion, may be caused by animals under anaesthetic.

② Effects on the uterus

Polygala decoction from northwest China has excitatory effect on pregnant and unpregnant wombs of guinea pigs, rabbits, cats and dogs, and intravenous injection of 6.6% decoction 3-6ml (16.5kg) also has significant excitatory effect on pregnant dogs.

③ Hemolytic effect

Polygala is similar to platycodonis. It contains saponins and also has the function of dissolving red blood cells. The intensity of hemolysis is: radix platycodonis >, radix platycodonis. The flesh (skin) is more hemolytic than the wood.