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A magical Powder - Pine pollen broken cell powder


Pine pollen powder contains trace elements, flavonoids, arginine, vitamin C, E, carotene and selenium, etc. They have free radical scavenging effect in vivo and they can improve the body's antioxidant enzymes (such as copper-zinc superoxide dismutase ) activity, inhibition of lipid peroxidation, eliminate age spots, cell senescence.

Pine pollen powder can supplement the daily diet of micronutrients, promote the body's metabolism, regulate the body's physiological functions:

1, Skin Care and Beauty

Pine pollen powder is rich in amino acids and all natural vitamins and enzymes. Pine pollen powder can enhance skin metabolism, increase skin elasticity, delay skin aging. There are also bright hair effect.

Pine pollen powder on skin diseases have a good therapeutic effect. Especially for infants and young children's skin care chill, prevention and treatment of children with eczema, clinical outcome, quick. Pine pollen powder for prevention of elderly itchy skin effect is significant, but also can prevent bedsores.

2, Anti-aging

Pine pollen powder makes rejuvenate the reason lies in its variety of active nutrients interaction adjust the body functions to maintain body tissues youthful vigor, so intelligent intelligence is not bad, thus delaying the aging and increase life expectancy.

3, Anti-fatigue

Pine pollen powder can be directly added nutrition, but also by improving digestion, nutrient intake from food for the body to add energy, increase endurance, to make it easy fatigue. Pine pollen powder can also adjust the nervous system, relieve stress and work, as well as a lifting of the burden caused by fatigue in the elderly. Pine pollen powder can reduce the level of lactic acid in vivo, for overtime workers, a large pro forma students before athletes labor intensity, severe mental taken.

4, Weight Control

Pine pollen powder nutritional balance, fiber-rich and low in calories, contains fatty acids 72.5% unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E synergy, bi-directional regulation of human cholesterol, make muscles, body symmetry. Pine pollen powder cellulose content of up to 29%, on the one hand it can produce satiety, reduce food intake, avoid excess nutrients; on the one hand but also inhibit and delay the absorption of cholesterol and triglycerides in the lymph in the process of fat metabolism ; while cellulose can promote bowel function and accelerate the fecal excretion, pine pollen powder lecithin also accelerate the burning of body fat, it's diuretic properties also contribute to weight loss.