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Q & A: Pine Bark Extract OPC


The antioxidant capacity of pine bark extract is from its proanthocyanidins. The antioxidant capacity of this material is about 20 times of the vitamin C, and 50 times of the vitamin E. As a famous antioxidant, OPC can effectively suppress the free radicals, and free radicals play an important role in degenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases, blurred vision, sunburn and premature aging.

Q: What is the regular specification of Pine Bark Extract?
A: Specification: 95%OPC(Proanthocyanidins)

Q: What is the test method of 95%OPC?
A: UV-vis

Q: How do you dry this extract?
A: Spray drying

Q: What is the function?
A: 1, Anti-oxidant, effectively suppress the free radicals.
2, Anti-aging, anti-cancer and ant-viral.
3, Protecting vision
4, Help treat degenerative diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

Q: How about shelf life?
A: 2 years if sealed and store away from direct sun light.

Q: Could you give me details of extraction and solvent type for andrographis paniculata?
A: Method of Extraction: Hydro-alcoholic
Solvent Type: Grain alcohol/Water
We can offer you specification sheet and COA for Pine bark extract 95%OPC.