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Phellinus Igniarius Extract Polysaccharides


Phellinus igniarius is a fungus of the family of Hymenochaetaceae. Common names are Willow bracket and Fire sponge. The tree species is often willow, but you also could find it on birch and alder and other broad leafed trees. It is widely distributed in eastern Asia, has long been used in folkloric and traditional medicine especially in China to increasing immunity and resistance to tumor.
Phellinus igniarius extract is manufactured from fruit body of phellinus igniarius, the regular specification is 30%Polysaccharides. It could be widely used in pharmaceutical field.

Function--Phellinus Igniarius Extract :
1, Anti-tumor and anti-cancer; polysaccharides could exterminate cancer cells and foreign substances t could exterminate cancer cells.
2, Anti-oxidant, it has good anti-oxidant activity.
3, It has the function of improving the immune system, resisting radiotherapy and chemotherapy side effects
4, It could be used to treat stomach pain, gastrointestinal disorders, lymph node inflammation, cancer, as well as promoting physical fitness and preventing various diseases.