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Plant Extract:   Passion Fruit Extract Powder
Latin Name: Passiflora incarnata
Active ingredient: Flavones
Specification:3%,4% Flavones,5:1,10:1
Test Method: 3%,4% Flavones UV 
Appearance: Brown Fine Powder
Extract Method : Grain Alcohol/Water 

Passion Fruit Extract Powder is extracted from passion fruit with good function of eliminating fatigue, beautifying skin and promoting metabolism.

Passion fruit is origanated from south america.ts juice exudes banana, pineapple, lemon, strawberry, peach fan, pomegranates and other fruits rich flavor which known as "passion fruit", in foreign countries also reputated as "the king of fruit juice" and "cash cow". The following are the efficacy of passion fruit.

Passion fruit is nutrional with good taste and smell, rich in essential amino acids and 17 kinds of vitamins, trace elements and other 160 kinds of useful elements. It can be production of juices, jellies, smoothies, jam and other products, with eliminate fatigue, refreshing hangover, lowering blood pressure, anti-inflammatory cream, skin care beauty and other magic function.