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Oyster Mushroom Extract powder


 Oyster Mushroom is edible fungus polysaccharides, proteins mushroom polysaccharides have a strong inhibitory effect on cancer cells, can enhance immune function. Eat mushroom can not only play improve the body's metabolism, regulate autonomic role, and the reduction of human serum cholesterol, lower blood pressure and prevention of hepatitis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, high blood pressure had a significant effect, and these mainly due to the activity of the pharmacological effects of mushroom polysaccharides.

1, Oyster Mushroom Extract powder has Herd cold, getting a vivid effect. Used to treat leg pain, foot wood, veins barrier and other illnesses.

2, Oyster Mushroom Extract powder polysaccharide on human peripheral blood mononuclear cells significantly promote proliferation, proliferation correlated with the degree of mushroom polysaccharide dose.

3, Oyster Mushroom Extract powder polysaccharides have some scavenging superoxide anion radicals. This is also one of its anti-tumor and improve immunity of the main mechanism.
4, mushroom polysaccharides can inhibit erythrocyte membrane lipid peroxidation, thereby reducing body injury caused thereby.

Oyster Mushroom Extract powder polysaccharide polysaccharide capsules, tablets, granules and other types of medicines, health products, nutritional products, food and beverages, cosmetics raw materials.