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Purple Reishi Powder, also known as China Ganoderma lucidum, it’s pure powder, Purple Reishi Powder is mainly used in health food, it has anti-aging effect. When the body is subject to a specific antigen immune attack resulting in hyperthyroidism, produce a variety of allergies or autoimmune pathological damage, Ganoderma sinense can inhibit the hyperactivity of the immune level to maintain the body's own stability.

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The functions of Purple Reishi Powder:
1. Purple Reishi Powder not only has a direct hypoglycemic effect, but also has a hepatoprotective effect, can reduce or prevent some oral hypoglycemic drugs on the liver damage.
2. Purple Reishi Powder contains polysaccharides, polypeptides and the like has a significant anti-aging effect, Purple Reishi Powder polysaccharides can significantly chopsticks to promote nuclear DNA synthesis, and increase cell division algebra, thus delaying the aging body.