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Chinese Herbal Ophiopogonis Extract Powder


    Ophiopogonis is a kind of herb known in traditional Chinese medicine for its ability to treat a yin deficiency, which means it is used to clear heat, dryness, and irritability. Ophiopogonis Extract is used to nourish the yin of the stomach, spleen, heart, and lungs, by promoting the production of body fluids. Ophiopogonis Extract is used for dry coughs, dry tongue, dry mouth, and for constipation, helping to moisten the intestines. It is used to treat insomnia, anxiety, palpitations, and it is used to lower the blood pressure. Other uses of Ophiopogonis Extract include inhibiting the growth of E. coli and other bacteria; it also treats diabetes mellitus.

    Traditional Chinese Medicinal Uses:

Antipyretic; Antiscrophulatic; Antitussive; Aphrodisiac; Cancer; Emollient; Expectorant; Nutritive; Pectoral; Sedative; Sialagogue;
Stomachic; Tonic. The root is antitussive, aphrodisiac, expectorant, pectoral, and sedative, sialogogue, stomachic and tonic.

Ophiopogonis Extract is said to have anticancer activity.

Ophiopogonis Powder is used internally in the treatment of dry coughs, fevers, thirst, dry onstipation, insomnia,anxiety and palpitations.

Ophiopogonis Extract is also frequently used in polyherbal treatments of diabetes mellitus. The roots have an antibacterial action,
inhibiting the growth of Staphylococcus, E. coli, Bacillus subtilis, B. typhi etc. The roots are harvested in the spring and dried for later use. The plant is antipyretic, antiscrofulatic, antitussive, emollient, expectorant and tonic.