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Oolong Tea Extract Powder-Losing Weight


    Oolong tea, also known as semi-fermented tea, is a unique distinctive feature of Chinese tea category. Oolong tea is a combination of making green tea and black tea manufacturing method, its quality is between green tea and black tea. It is both has black tea concentrated flavor, but also fresh fragrance of green tea aroma. 

    As China's special oolong tea, confirmed by modern scientific research at home and abroad, oolong tea not only has many health care functions like general tea, such as relieving tiredness and stress, anti-pyret,bactericidal anti-inflammatory, detoxification,but also outstanding performance to lose weight.

    Therefor, so many people drink oolong tea everyday to lose weight. In plant extract powder field, many factory also use oolong tea extract powder to making beverages to help people lose weight.

    Oolong tea extract powder is yellow fine powder, extracted from oolong tea.The regular specification of oolong tea extract powder is 30% polyphenols with good water solubility.

    It is confirmed that the main component of oolong tea - tannic acid are closely related with fat metabolism . And the results also confirmed that oolong tea extract powder can lower blood cholesterol levels, it is indeed a invaluable lose weight tea.

    Compared with black tea and green tea, in addition to stimulating pancreatic lipase activity, reducing sugar and fatty foods to be absorbed, oolong tea extract powder also can accelerate the body's heat production increase, promoting fat burning and reducing the accumulation of abdominal fat. It is also reported that women lose weight significantly better than men when drinking oolong tea or oolong tea extract powder related beverages.

    You wanna lose weight now? Please try it!