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Noni Fruit Extract powder


Noni fruit commonly known is Morinda Citrifolia. Thousands of years ago, people living in the South Pacific Islands, found a way around this small flowering shrub bush "Noni tree, the fruit has a rich composition of human somatic cells, and thus have the effect of physical access, is after hailed plants, a gift from God. locals Noni fruit good health has 2000 years of history.

Noni Fruit Extract powder is best and most nutritionally sound when it is pure and organic. A powdered form of the pulp is made in one of two ways. It can be freeze-dried, which generally uses the whole fruit, or the raw pulp can be dehydrated. By whichever means the dried fruit is produced, it is then ground into a powder. The powder can be purchased in bulk by weight or packed into capsules and taken as a supplement.

Research markedNoni Fruit Extract powder antioxidant activity and myocardial cells have a protective effect, verify its effectiveness for the treatment of heart failure, so noni fruit extract is a safe natural antioxidants, antioxidant activity and protect the role of myocardial cells, adjustable impaired myocardial energy metabolism, delaying the process of heart failure