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Noni Fruit Extract Powder


 Thousands of years ago, people living in the South Pacific islands in Indonesia found a tree around this small flowering shrub "Noni(Morinda citrifolia) tree, whose fruit has a rich composition of human somatic cells, and thus have the effect of physical access, people called it as “God's gift.” Locals has used noni fruit as keeping health food for 2000 years.

A doctor from USA found it contains a strong antioxidant effect, caused widespread concern business.Especially the recent years, the study found that noni juice possibility of anti-cancer, noni fruit has been more widely used at home and abroad.

Noni fruit extract powder is extracted from noni fruit by a professional extract manufacture process. The regular speicfications are 10:1 and 10%Polysaccharides.

Noni leaves, roots, bark, fruit are rich in polysaccharides. Plant polysaccharides with anti-immunomodulatory, anti-tumor, anti-viral, reducing hypoglycemic and cholesterol effect, and so the role of polysaccharide compounds as a new drug, with small toxic side effects and safe characteristic, having very good effect.

Noni fruit extract powder can be applied in food field, noni juice is hily welcomed by children and oldie to making drinking.
It also can be applied in health food field, also it can be made in capsules, pills or tablets to adjust physiological function.
It also can be used in costmetic filed since it has the anti-oxidant and mosturing function.