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100% Natural Colanut Extract Kola Nut Extract powder/Cola acuminata extract powder


Kola nut is creamy white, about 1 inch (2.5 cm) long. Kola nut contains caffeine and Corazon fruit glycosides (kolanin), African kola nut chewing to get the stimulating effect. Kola nut is also often used to flavor carbonated beverages. Coke tree can grow to 60 feet (18 meters) high, it long leathery oval leaves and small yellow flowers. There are two main cola cola nut trees have been planted to get A in Africa, South America and another in Jamaica.

Kola nut contains caffeine, the taste is bitter.

In some places in West Africa, you can chew a single or a group of kola nuts. Many in the celebration are to greet the patriarch or kola nuts to guests. West African Muslims because they can not drink, like to eat a lot of cola nuts. Chew kola nut can relieve hunger and disease caused by Chu, but often will make chewing teeth staining.

Coca-Cola was the fruit ingredients, but has been temporarily been replaced by artificial flavors.

Place outside Africa, such as wet places in Indonesia, Brazil, Jamaica, cultivated species of kola nuts. These cultivars are high Lego ingredients.

Kola nut can treat whooping cough and asthma. Within the caffeine can be used as bronchodilators, inhaled air to expand the trachea.

Kola nut can have euphoric effects of stimulants and agents, just as other plants containing xanthine, such as cocoa, tea, coffee, guarana and yerba mate.

However, the utility of kola nut is very different, it can cause intense euphoria. They can make the central nervous system and cardiac stimulant. Animal experiments have found that cola nut strong agents to break down fat characteristics, and stimulate the secretion of gastric acid. Human studies have found that cola nuts have positive chronotropic and mild diuretic effect. It can enhance human and physical alertness, boost mood, increases tactile sensitivity, appetite suppressant and aphrodisiac. After eating kola nuts will increase body temperature, blood pressure and respiratory rate, the effect can be up to 6 hours.

Fresh cola nuts contain heart and nerve irritation slight theobromine and caffeine. Locals chew the seeds so that they can withstand long hours of work, because it can stimulate the forebrain (thereby increasing attention). It is used to treat headaches and depression, help digest food, and as a diuretic. Coke phenolic substances could also be used as an antioxidant, preventing free radical damage. So for enhance concentration, improve physical fitness, including the antioxidant will be using sports nutrition.