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Natural Healthy Product-Grape skin extract


Grape skin extract is a traditional plant extract in China. they have many active ingredients that be great for people’s health. Grape skin extract contains polyphenols, Resveratrol, anthocyanosides and so on.

Grape skin extract can be used for cosmetics and food field. Nowadays, people use Grape skin extract, white atractrylodes powder and smilax china powder to whiten as well as moisturize skins. And also if there are some spots on your face, They also have the function of lightening and dispelling freckles and speckles.

The active ingredients resveratrol in Grape skin extract is a natural antioxidant, it has the function of lowering blood viscosity,inhibiting platelet coagulation and vasodilation and keeping the blood flowing. It also has the function of anti-aging, regulating blood lipid, protecting cardiovascular and so on. It can prevent and treat xhronic inflammation by pathogenic microorgnism infection. Resveratrol contains many as complement(ALEXIN)active factor, beneficial to human body. Grape skin extract is a very good product for women. When women ’s period is not regular. They can take some of this product.
Grape skin extract is a good product on anticancer, protecting the liver, antioxidant and inhibiting free radicals and promoting the metabolism of bone tissue.