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Natural Healthy Product - Bitter Orange Extract Powder


Bitter Orange Extract Powder is a kind of natural product without any chemicals inside. They can help people with their health without side effects. Extract Powder contains many effective ingredients which are benefit for people. They contain Synephrine, hesperidin, Neohesperidin, Neohesperidin Dihydrochalcone, diosmin, Flavonoid and so on. They can help people with their health.
Synephrine is a kind of natural ingredient from bitter orange Extract Powder. It can help people to lose weight. Some dietary supplements, sold for the purposes of promoting weight-loss or providing energy, contain synephrine as one of several constituents. The effects of bitter orange Extract Powder Synephrine was shown by those investigators that intramuscular injections (average effective dose = 200 mg) of the drug produced an increase in systolic blood pressure and pulse rate, without affecting the diastolicpressure. The blood pressure increase reached a maximum (~ 25 mm Hg)in 5 minutes following the injection, then gradually returned to normal over the course of 1 hour. Doses of drug greater than 200 mg caused side-effects such as heart palpitations, headache, sweating, and feelings of apprehension.
Neohesperidin Dihydrochalcone(NHDC) is another active ingredient from bitter orange Extract. Neohesperidin Dihydrochalcone can be used as a new natural flavor and sweet agent for food. The sweetness of NHDC is 1500 times of sugar. It can decrease and control the bitterness in your mouth after you eat some bitter food. The time of sweetness in your mouth can last a very long time. And also, because of its low fat and low energy from bitter orange Extract Powder, this product can also be applied to the diabetics. It can help suppress the blood fat.