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Mulberry, Chinese name for the dried leaves of mulberry plants Sankoh, also famous mulberry, Jing mulberry, mulberry trees, yellow mulberry, etc., most of the country more productive. Have lower blood pressure, blood lipids, anti-inflammatory and other effects, the main function for the evacuation of wind-heat, clearing the lungs and moistening, Liver eyesight. For Fengreganmao, Hyperactivity dry cough, dizziness, headache, red eyes dim.

With the emergence of the people's living standards improve and the aging society, the incidence of diabetes has increased annually, Experimental studies have shown that: mulberry leaf extract can significantly lower blood glucose levels, and the higher the dose of mulberry leaf extract, the better hypoglycemic dose effect.

Chinese medicine believes that mulberry leaves of bitter, sweet, cold, with scattered wind in addition to heat, Liver eyesight. Recent studies have demonstrated that mulberry leaf extract powder is a good skin care mulberry role, especially on the face of acne, brown spots have a better effect. According to pharmacological studies have shown that mulberry Intuit rich in flavonoids, phenols, amino acids, organic acids, carotene, vitamins and essential trace elements, which is to improve and regulate the skin tissue metabolism, especially inhibit pigmentation occurs and development have a positive effect.