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Moringa Leaf Extract Powder


Q:What is the difference between Moringa Leaf extract powder and Moringa Leaf powder?
A: Moringa Leaf Powder is that the manufacturer grinds the raw material into powder. Generally speaking , it is 80 mesh size or 100 mesh size. While for the Moringa Leaf extract powder, the Manufacturer cut the raw material into pieces and extract them, remove the extracted residue, then cool and filter, concentrate, later spray dying into powder, sift and pack, at last.The water solubility of Moringa Leaf extract powder is better than raw Moringa Leaf powder.

Q: Where is your Moringa from?
A: Moringa originates from India. So our raw material the Moringa leaf is also import from India and then we made them into extract powder through the above-mentioned production process.

Q: Is your Moringa leaf Extract Powder organic?
A: Our product have the certificates of Kosher, Food Certificate, GMO free, Certificate of Origin, MSDS etc. Although we have no Organic Certificate, but our product can meet EU standard and US standard. They have been exported into North America and Western Europe. They have given us the nice feedback.

Q: What’s your minimum quantity of Moringa Leaf Extract Powder? Can you provide sample?
A: The minimum quantity is 1kg. And we can provide 5-20g free sample with the freight collect for your test first. When you place a big order next time, we will deduct the sample freight cost into the product cost.