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Mistletoe is a parasitic on other plants of a parasitic plant, mainly to learn the material necessary for survival from the parasite. Life ability, found in most Chinese regions, can be parasitic on a variety of trees to survive. Although mistletoe harmful to the host, but the high efficacy and role of mistletoe extract powder, for a variety of diseases have a very good therapeutic effect, much as the use of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine is a rare medicine.
The efficacy and role of mistletoe extract powder, its cardiovascular system, the heart of the effect is obvious, but also has anti-ischemic and anti-arrhythmic effect, more importantly, is resistant to tumors.

Mistletoe (misdetoe) is a deciduous tree growing on the host plant, abundant resources, distributed in Europe, also known as the European parasitic; is more commonly used in Chinese herbal medicine. The long time ago, people have observed that mistletoe extract has anti-tumor and immunomodulatory effects, preparations already made its extracts powder for anti-tumor therapy in Germany and some other countries.

Mistletoe is a traditional Chinese medicine, mistletoe plants. Pharmacological effects of mistletoe extract powder anti-ischemic arrhythmias, studies show that mistletoe flavonoid glycosides have anti-arrhythmic effects, but there are significant differences on the different causes of cardiac arrhythmia, effect.